As a software developer in my late twenties living in Chicago, IL, I'm driven by passion, curiosity, and coffee.


I love to code and do so almost every day; always honing my craft and being thrilled by the challenge of a new problem to solve. There are appropriate tools for any job and I enjoy using them all. I’m always learning new and better ways of doing things and can never wait to apply new knowledge!


Wondering how things work and how they can be improved, usually with software or some other technology, is a lot of what I think about. No matter the topic, when it comes to technology I feel enthralled by the details and intricacies of what it takes to make something work.


I loooove coffee. Any coffee— black. Cold brew is my favorite though. As I’ve once heard, a programmer is “an organism that converts caffeine into code”, which is absolutely true for me. I associate caffeine buzzes with productivity and the smell of coffee with brainstorming.

I like


Throughout my experience developing web applications professionally I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects including health care incentive platforms, web-to-print manufacturing, order fulfillment, real estate microservices, and RESTful APIs for mobile applications. My passion for my craft is evident in my work ethic and in the ownership I take in my projects.

As a full stack developer I’m comfortable with any aspect of a web solution but have the most experience in back-end development implementing business logic and data processing. Laravel is my preferred backend framework and some combination of Vue.js, HTML5, and CSS3 for the frontend depending on what the project requires.


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